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Receive additional items when you purchase at D2Perm!

  • Spend $1 and receive an Unidentified Annihilus!

  • Spend $3 and choose between: Shako, Vipermagi, Ormus and many other Uniques!

  • Spend $6 and choose between: Vex Rune, Sur Rune, Ohm Rune, Stone of Jordan

  • Spend $10 and choose between: Ber Rune & CTA 1-3 BO & HOTO 30-34 All Resist & Unid Annihilus

  • Spend $20 and choose between: CTA 1-3 & Unid Hellfire Torch

  • Spend $30 and choose between: Call to Arms 4-5 BO & Heart of the Oak 35-39 All Resist and Other Runewords!

  • Spend $40 and choose between: Unid Annihilus & Enigma AP/DUSK/MP 750-769

  • Spend $50 and choose between: Hellfire Torch 17-19 for Any Character

  • Spend $60 and choose between: Many Different Character Gear Packs

  • Spend $80 and choose between Perfect Hellfire Torch for Any Character!

  • Spend $125 and receive 8x Unidentified Annihilus

  • Annihilus is ONLY for Ladder. Non-Ladder will receive random high runes

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